About us

First time we opened the doors of our restaurant in the 23/06/2017. It’s a unique place, which origin come from a young boy dreams, who once lived in Barlinek. Those dreams come true after years and in the place of the old Parkowa café, he created his own restaurant – Strzelecka 18.

We are young, who hearts and souts were taken by this place and it’s beautiful surroundings, which is an inspiration for us while creating new dishes.

Our kitchen is based on an energy of a young team, which is headed by an ambitious chef. We’re trying to combine the newest culinary techniques with the regional products, available only in Barlinek and this region.

For everyone, who enter this place, we want to show a piece of “good life” in our opinion… 🙂 

A pleasant moment dedicated to rest, with a scene of Barlinek Lake, savouring the best coffee or tea…

Pleasant and smiling staff, which can advise and tell a little about this place and region…

Mood music and simply good food! 🙂 

Our offer

Delicious and healthy food

Many says that healthy food isn’t tasty. We’re debunking this myth every day! We’re working with a nutritionist who collectively with out chef are building our menu in the way that our dishes are balanced and provide the needed dose of energy without damage for our slim silhouete.

Profesional service for events

Our restaurant allows to make events in an intimate group (to 40 persons). We’re flexible while setting the event menu. There is possibility of choosing dishes from a various price list. For sure, you’ll fit in the budget and won’t be surprised with hidden costs.

Great beverages

Strzelecka 18 besides the dishes is offering also some great drinkables. Regardless You prefer alcohol-free drinks or something stronger, we will propose something special.


We have a pleasure to invite You not only to our restaurant, but also to take benefits from this stunning nature of Barlinek Forests and it’s charms during the whole year. Barlinek Lake is situated on the edge of Barlinek Forests. It attracts many of tourists, water – sports lovers, peoples looking for rest in the wild nature. When You’ll finally reel relaxed with this fresh air and begin feeling hunger we invite You to the nearest and best restaurant in Barlinek, which is situated just few meters from lake – Strzelecka 18!


Please, take a virtual walk.